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     Norman Calder

As you can see it’s Norm from the Bakeoff. Norman found the Bakeoff to be a fantastic experience and would do it all again tomorrow given the chance. He managed to get as far as week five and was really grateful not to be the first one to leave. Best of all perhaps he had Mary Berry taste his cakes without throwing up, that made him feel good. Norman has had a tremendous response from people from all over the country, he says if he had known that there was going to be so much positive interest in his  performance he would have tried harder. He admits however to being very fortunate to be in the tent this year as over 17,000 potential bakers had applied.

Short Biography

Great British Bakeoff hero Norman Calder has set his sights on inspiring a new generation of rising stars.

The retired Merchant Navy radio officer from Buckie won the hearts of millions of viewers with his unassuming manner and rustic cooking style. Despite coming from a long line of bakers, Mr Calder joined the Merchant Navy when he was 17.

The 67year-old, who has been dubbed “Stormin’ Norman”, also said he nearly backed out of the show after applying. But his excited family left him with no choice but to go through with it.

Norman hopes he has encouraged people to do two things – try a bit of baking themselves and bid for a place on the Bake Off show.

Norman is available for public appearances, bakery demonstrations, public speaking, branding and promotional opportunities.
For all speaking and appearance  enquiries please contact Kruger Cowne on 0207 352 2277 or
For all branding and promotional  enquiries please contact Kruger Cowne on 0207 352 2277 or


21 thoughts on “Norman from The Bakeoff

  1. Norman,
    We so enjoyed your time on the show! We were so sad to see you go. Many blessings to you and your family.

    Merry Christmas,
    Kentucky, USA


  2. I enjoyed the show and how you baked. There are several recipes I’d like to replicate so I’ll be browsing the web for your recipes!


  3. My wife and I have been watching the GBBO to pass the time during lock down. We felt compelled to tell you how much we appreciated you! You were such a gentleman, and we saw how you took bigger risks as the show went on. You left too soon!


  4. Hi
    Hoping you have a cook book published. If you do where can I purchase, I am in the states.
    Thank you
    Laureen Kessloff


    • Hi Laureen,

      Thank you for your eMail.
      I have a book in print, available via Amazon USA. Not so much a cookbook as an account of my early years combined with my experience on the Baking Show. It does include a recipe in each chapter, “A Taste of Norman’s Life”.
      It has sold over 1,000 copies so far, mostly in the USA.

      Kind regards,


      • Hello Norman,
        Thank you so kindly for responding. I just looked up your book and found it on Amazon!! I ordered it and it will arrive in a few days. I watch the British Baking Show every night on Netflix. The episode you are in is my favorite. I do like your baking style and look forward to trying some of your recipes.
        Much appreciation,
        Laureen Kessloff


  5. Hello Norman,
    Just discovered GBBO during the pandemic. So enjoyed your efforts in Season 1! Great to see a Scot on the show. We emigrated from Aberdeen in ’69… still have family all up and down the Moray coast. As soon as you started speaking on the show, I said he’s got to be from somewhere near Portsoy, where my Mam’s from . Sure enough, Buckie. Will order your cookbook on Amazon. Just wondering if you’ve ever come across a good recipe for butteries ( AKA Rowies in Aberdeen) ? The one thing we all miss the most from Scotland.
    Be well and stay safe.
    Gwen Spence


    • Thanks for your eMail Gwen. I will send you a recipe for butteries and another for my own version based on brioche dough. Yr nearly right with Buckie, i was born and brought up in Portknockie but moved to Buckie from London when I retired. Will mail you soon with the recipe.




      • Hello Norman,
        Watching Great British Baking Show and it reminded me I had asked for your butteries recipe. I must have missed it. Be much obliged if you’d pass it on. The whole family emigrated to the US in ’69 and it’s the one thing we miss the most.
        Be well,
        ( Aberdeen lass with family in Portsoy, Cullen, Elgin, Buckie, Turrif and Peterhead)


  6. Norman,
    Aah.. thanks for the explanation. My Mam was raised in Portsoy and I have cousins still there, as well as Portknockie, Elgin, and Peterhead. The most beautiful part of Scotland. Great place to retire. Thank you so much for the butteries recipe. I can’t wait to try it as well as your brioche version. The butteries are just a little bit of home for us all.
    Thanks again and be well,
    Gwen Spence


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