2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. You were my favorite contestant on season 1!! My husband and I just watched it on Netflix and rooted for you. Good to see a Scotsman and I’ll be sure to try one of your recipes 😄 . We enjoyed your humor and down to earth manner. Keep rocking Norman!


    • Hi Krissy,

      Many thanks for your kind comments. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show, we all had a great time making it. We did one show each week, filming over two days. It was a busy time with up to 14 hour days. All tweleve of us still stay in touch via Whatsapp and meet now and again. Myself and Mrs C are off to London in two weeks and will be meeting up with some ofmy baking collegues after we have attended my daughters graduation in London. Then in the summer we are off for a holiday in theAustrian Alps at Seefeld. Nice weatherin Scotland today, very sunny and 16 degrees C.

      Best Regards,



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