The Bakeoff Series 5 – 2014

Somehow I managed to con my way into the Bakeoff 2014. This photograph is the first one they took on the first morning of the Bakeoff competition. I thought they were a rum looking crew at first, but of course they all turned out to be “brand-new”……………………..


 © Love Productions

The Bakers + The Talent - we're still all friends.

The Bakers + The Talent – we’re still all friends.

 © Love Productions

Contact info for all the bakers, apart from Diana who does not have a web address at the moment and is not yet twitterable. However should you wish to contact Diana, I would be happy to pass on your e-Mail.


Chetna   @ChetnaMakan

Claire   @bake_therapist


Enwezor   @EnwezorN

Iain   @Iain_Watters

Jordan   @LaPetitLion

Kate   @TreacleBakes

Luis   @LuisTroyano

Martha   @MarthaCollison

Nancy   @NancyBBakes

Norman   @NormCalder

Richard  @richardpburr

















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